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Clicking on the badge reveals additional information. A process called Extended Validation EV can be used to verify the identity of the site owners. If a website is found on the blacklist, you will be presented with a warning page, and you can decide whether to visit the website, or to go to back safely to the previous page. Fraud and Malware Protection does not cause any delay in the opening of webpages. Fraud and Malware Protection is enabled by default. If you discover a site that you think is fraudulent or contains malware and is not yet listed on blacklists, as shown in the security details from the badge in the address field, you can report it.

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To ensure your privacy, there are ways you can control how websites monitor your web activities, and ways to keep your browsing habits and data private when sharing a computer or account. To browse without leaving any trace of the websites you visit, you can use a private tab or window.

When you close a private tab, the following data related to the tab is deleted:. While private tabs or windows do not leave any record of the websites you visit, if you deliberately save data, for example, if you save a bookmark, or download a file, it will still be visible after the tab is closed.

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Close a private tab in the same way as a normal tab. Closing the window removes all traces of your browsing. Security protocols are used to communicate securely with sites where sensitive data, such as credit card information, is involved.

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When you visit a site using security protocols, information displays in the badge to the left of the address field. As a summary, a padlock displays for these sites and the domain name of the certificate is written. For sites with extended validation EV , the name of the organization that registered the certificate is given.

Click the security badge to see more information. Check or uncheck the protocols you want to enable or disable. Browser security depends on establishing the identity of individuals and organizations who wish to transact business over the internet, and providing them with a secure channel in which to do so. You can manage the security environment provided by Opera through the following security preferences:.

You can manage the security environment provided by Opera through the security preferences. But whereas Fraud and Malware Protection depends on an externally-maintained blacklist, the list of trusted websites is a whitelist you maintain yourself. Trusted websites are defined in the security preferences. Auto-update To help keep your version of Opera up-to-date, with the latest features and important security and stability fixes, Opera includes an automatic update mechanism.

Auto-update dialog options The following options are available in the auto-update dialog: Remind Me Later This option closes the dialog and displays it later. Download and Install This option starts the download. Information about the download appears at the bottom of the page, on the right side of the status bar.

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When the download is complete, the dialog offers two options: Install Now — Opera restarts immediately, and the update is installed. Install Later — The update is installed later, the next time you start Opera. Automatically install updates without notification from now on This is the recommended option to keep you totally up-to-date, and allows all future updates to occur silently, meaning: The auto-update dialog does not ever appear. Updates are downloaded automatically.

Update information, when it exists, appears minimized on the status bar. Click this update information to display the auto-update dialog. The updated version of Opera is installed automatically the next time you start the browser.

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If you are not the system administrator, a password may be needed to complete the update. Change auto-update settings At any time, if you want to change auto-update settings, follow the steps below. Do not check for updates — This option turns off the auto-update mechanism. To ensure that you are using the most up-to-date and secure version of the browser, you will need to manually check for updates. Notify me about available updates — This option displays the auto-update dialog whenever a recommended update has been released, or from time to time if you have not yet updated the browser.

Backing up Opera It is recommended that you regularly back up your most important Opera files. Selecting files Not all files and folders listed below will be relevant for all users. Files to back up Description File name Blocked content urlfilter. Security certificates Security certificates are used to verify that a website is secure to use. Certificate warnings If there is something questionable about a certificate, a warning dialog will be displayed.

Server certificate expired Certificates like credit cards have an expiry date, and must be renewed on a regular basis by the people maintaining the site. Two boats are leading the operations. Parlez-en autour de vous! Communiqué précédent. Vous êtes sur le communiqué. Partagez des photos avec un commentaire Public.

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